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The noise generated from Plaid Cymru and the SNP has officially gone from a ‘rain against the window’ to a ‘couple fucking next door’ level of nuisance. I don’t quite know how their responses to the national TV debates have been formed, but they certainly have the wiff of the ale house about them. A […]

Master debates

Posted: 16th April 2010 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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I for one really enjoyed the leaders debates last night, for all the talk of stage-managed boredom it was actually a rather gripping political display. Found myself quite taken with the whole thing and I am actually looking forward to next weeks. Hopefully there will be some deeper questions on Europe and the welfare system. […]

Election comment #2

Posted: 14th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Politics
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Well all the manifestos have been launched (Well all the ones that matter anyway). And I suppose the Liberal Democrats just about win Liberal Democrats + points or at least points unique to them Civil Liberties: I’m only for a police state when the chance of me becoming the unquestioned King nay God of said […]

post scriptum

Posted: 10th April 2010 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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Having trawled through a number of news sites, forum and facebook for topics relating to the Digital Economy Bill a worrying trend has become apparent: Namely the calls to either not vote or spoil ballot papers in response to this essentially evil legislation   (The DEB in it’s true form)  Please do not do this. […]

Pirates of the world wide web

Posted: 8th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Politics
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Well. The digital economy bill has all but passed. I have commented previously that statements about the lack of democracy of this country are usually hyperbolic nonsense, but this case is truly horrific. A Labour government, likely to loose power very soon, just forced through a bill developed at the behest of a few large […]

I do wonder who to vote for. As much as I am loath to admit it, there really isn’t an awful lot to separate the parties. It’s easy to see why NOT to vote for Labour: The ‘Hammer of the Universities’ a.k.a. Dark Lord Mandelson whom I’m now pretty sure is Chinese spy sent to […]

I have just finished watching latest episode of the informative The virtual revolution: A history of the internet presented by the latest addition to my celebrity harem Dr Aleks Krotoski (who used to present ‘Bits’ in the late 90’s). Congratulations and I hope Myleene Klass, Avril Lavigne, Summer Glau and the female cast of ‘Legend […]

What the hell’s wrong with stoicism?

Posted: 8th February 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, News of the day, Politics
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There was a little segment on “The Daily Politics” about emotion in politics (Weeping at the dispatch box and the like), more on this in a moment, but what struck me was the introduction “We still have a very Victorian view of public displays of emotion“. Excuse me? Why is that such a bad thing? […]

Tales of interest

Posted: 3rd January 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Miscellaneous, Politics
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Elections Why should the leading party get to say when an election is called? Simple question really. Why? We know that our system is relatively* undemocratic but it does seem something of an affront to liberty to allow the party in charge to choose the opportune moment to call for it’s own reappointment. When something […]

Choices choices

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Get No Happy in Politics

Hmmm, I really do not know who to vote for at the next election Labour Socialist, country ruining scum, so no. Conservative I’m right-of-centre by nature but the Torys really do not appeal. Currently (and for future ‘net historians, before their party conference) they don’t really seem to have any thought-out, ready to roll policies […]