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While strolling through the merry lanes of cyberspace (The very fact I’m still using that word makes me feel old, fucking ‘web 2.0′) I happened upon this article. Yes, the National Trust has decided to include a Creationist perspective on the formation the the Giant’s Causeway – which, for those that don’t know, is made […]

The reluctant socialist: A (sort of) book review

Posted: 10th August 2012 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Politics, Reviews

I’ve always had trouble defining where I sit politically. I used to consider myself a libertarian, until the obvious dawned on me about 5 years ago that in order for all people to individually  reach their full potential it was important their parents spent money on baby food and books rather than heroin. It’s a […]

The best things in life are fees

Posted: 3rd March 2012 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, News of the day, Politics

Having received yet more diktats about how the University demands we “improve the Undergraduate experience in light of the new 9k environment” I thought it best I cover this little gem of a topic. It was this or rave to myself in darkened room. Everything is being geared towards showing the Undergrads what their buying […]

Crime and Punishment

Posted: 21st September 2011 by admin in Angry Rants, Politics

Now, I’m not going to comment directly on the riots and their causes. I could point out that any reference to inequality in this country has to have a giant red RELATIVE stamp marked across it; see here, the average net earnings of the top fifth were £53k and the bottom fifth were £13k. While […]

Recently the BBC finished broadcasting the last of documentary maker Adam Curtis’ latest series “All watched over by machines of loving grace”. I’m usually a fan of Mr Curtis, his shows are often interesting and insightful, and highlight the contradictions in social themes and movements that have taken over the western world in the last […]

Why is it OK to be a communist?

Posted: 28th March 2011 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants
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*Scene* Person 1: “Hi, you’re back a bit late aren’t you” Person 2: “Yeah, I’ve just been to a meeting of the local fascist party” Person 1:”Oh, was it fu… wait, what!?” Person 2: “What? Our system of government is fucked. Politicians are just in it for themselves. I mean who are they? Not the […]

University Challenged

Posted: 8th February 2011 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Politics
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China announced today that it will demand all ISPs operating in the country hand over all search data collected on their customers. In addition the party chairman announced from now on the various security and police services could intercept and analyze all electronic traffic of their citizens without warrant and with very little cause. Oh […]

Generally I try to read as much as I can, and often get quite obsessive about it; I am more than happy to, for instance, forgo sleep on a work night if it means pouring over a particularly gripping storyline into the small hours. Also I really must read to the end of a chapter […]

A response to a particular person, a reference for everyone else In life there are many troubling things: War, taxes and the horrifying knowledge all our attempts to escape the icy hand of oblivion will ultimately be in vein… Anyway, another such thing is the sad knowledge that sometimes people are just wrong about certain […]

The Emperor’s new shoes

Posted: 16th November 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Miscellaneous

The following took place between 9:15 and 9:32 this morning. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent “Jesus Christ” I exclaimed, unable to keep the words from bursting forth. A deathly silence descended over the shop and an instant later a shop assistant was by my side. I fell to my knees before her, […]