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Electronic Entertainment

Posted: 25th February 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews

Mass Effect 2 Having just completed it, I’m going to give it a “good” with added “meh”. It was entertaining enough for me to finish it and was gripping on occasion. But, honestly, I got pretty bored towards the end. You may find this a strange opinion due to the it’s fucking brilliant comment I […]

I have just finished watching latest episode of the informative The virtual revolution: A history of the internet presented by the latest addition to my celebrity harem Dr Aleks Krotoski (who used to present ‘Bits’ in the late 90’s). Congratulations and I hope Myleene Klass, Avril Lavigne, Summer Glau and the female cast of ‘Legend […]

What the hell’s wrong with stoicism?

Posted: 8th February 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, News of the day, Politics
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There was a little segment on “The Daily Politics” about emotion in politics (Weeping at the dispatch box and the like), more on this in a moment, but what struck me was the introduction “We still have a very Victorian view of public displays of emotion“. Excuse me? Why is that such a bad thing? […]