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Birth of the Twelve Colonies

Posted: 29th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews
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Caprica Having finally gotten around to watching Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica written by Ronald D. Moore, and by gotten round I mean “watch all of it in a 9 hour binge”, I have to say I was fairly impressed with what I saw. Firstly it is visually stunning. I’m not sure how one […]


Posted: 24th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous
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Upon returning from a trip to see “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Which I recommend most heartily), my Brother and I stopped in a local bar. There I had the most brilliant idea. Perhaps one of the greatest brain waves ever to be had in The Footage (Which granted says not a lot): Public Scholars! […]

Wastes of time and money

Posted: 16th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews
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Glee I’ve tried, I really have, but I just can’t get into it. It’s not the music as I’m somewhat of a closet fan of musicals (and they usually make the bland pop crap they cover sound much better), but the plot lines. Maybe it’s the paranoid cuckold fear all males secretly have, or more […]

I do wonder who to vote for. As much as I am loath to admit it, there really isn’t an awful lot to separate the parties. It’s easy to see why NOT to vote for Labour: The ‘Hammer of the Universities’ a.k.a. Dark Lord Mandelson whom I’m now pretty sure is Chinese spy sent to […]

Bits and bobs

Posted: 9th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews
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Well, a few thing of not much interest to anyone (edit)CIVILIZATION 5… … has been announced. Since Empire decided we should start seeing other people, Civ 4 has taken its place as my favourite of 4X game. It’s wonderful, and as such I welcome the arrival of Civ 5 with the enthusiasm of a Parisian […]

The Ballard of Star Trek Mug

Posted: 1st March 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous
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Since the arrival of my beautiful Zero Punctuation mug I’ve been forced to address a dark chapter in my life; the disappearance of my beloved NCC 1701-D Star Trek Mug. One day it was there, the next it was just gone. A real tragedy. Lost forever like a small white girl holidaying in Portugal. There […]