Choices choices

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Get No Happy in Politics

Hmmm, I really do not know who to vote for at the next election
Socialist, country ruining scum, so no.

I’m right-of-centre by nature but the Torys really do not appeal. Currently (and for future ‘net historians, before their party conference) they don’t really seem to have any thought-out, ready to roll policies come June 2010, ideas beyond “Labour are bad” at least. And as a federalist, I find their view on Europe hilarious, akin to a teenager stropping out the front door suggesting he can make it on his own. They also have the slightly unsettling opinion that it is simply “there turn” to run the country. On the plus, they’re the only party that wouldn’t make University a recessive gene, and are naturally less concerned with the whining of the school-dodging, knife-wielding, work-shy masses as they are with punishing their feral behaviour.

Liberal Democrats
Only pro-europe party and their classics of local income tax and proportional representation. However they’re too keen on pouring more money into the benefit system and voting age of 16? What the fuck!. I recently changed the set-up of this journal to eliminate most of my angst-ridden teen self from it. Dear God my opinions were stupid, and I’ve always been pretty well informed. Oh, and I also think we should have Trident, or super-Trident, or whatever. It seems strange to give up nuclear weapons when so many belligerent states are adamant about owning them

Problem is, there is no “None of the above box”. Spoiling the ballot only puts you in the same catagory as those who right “me” or draw penises as far as election officials are concerned and voting for a minor party in protest just give the false impression you support them (or in the case of BNP voters, a nice way of pretending you’re not a little bit racist)and may give the impression to the government that they should actually consider the mad policies of the minnows.

So, anyone want to fight for the party of their choice?