Dark age of technology

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Miscellaneous
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Here are the reasons I hate my phone: I write these the hope I can move past them and we can get along

1: The ‘widget’
It’s supposed to function like the XP tool bar, ie quick and easy to access often used programs.
a) You can’t just choose any program or macro – say for instance one that takes you straight to “new message”. Only ones it thinks you should have. Most of these are seldom used eg Orange GPS.
b)Most of them DON’T work from the widget, you have to drag them into the main screen, then use them. Take the potentially useful “Favourite contacts”. 1: Open Widget, 2: Drag ‘favourites’ onto phone desktop, 3: Press favourite person, 4: THEN press person again to use. Or press the left key to get recent contact. Or write message then press recent contacts.
b2) The web icon. Either drag onto desktop and press web, or press menu and then web. NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE.
c) The EVERYTHING IS FINE program. The one that was annoying me especially. Put it back in the widget and the phone still pops up events when they occur, except once read there is no longer a “NO EVENT” bar floating on the screen. It serves no purpose. Why the hell have an app who’s sole purpose is to tell you nothing has happened

2: The ‘Hold’ Button
Carefully positioned where any pocket material will exert the maximum pressure on a thin phone; the side edge, it constantly turns itself on while in said environment. Thus eliminating the only reason the button exists, it’s reason for being.

3: The master volume and vibrate buttons
Ok when I’m actually on the phone it’s quite useful, however having no separate way of setting volume or vibration means if I want to hear a message arrive I have to put up with the wonka-esque chirpiness of the keytones. Occupying the opposite edge to the hold button, they combine to create irritation more than the sum of their parts.

4: The utterly useless keypad.
Not only does the balancing on the phone means you feel a second away from dropping the damned thing while using the pad, there is no way of changing capitals, symbols etc, so you have to use the touch pad anyway. I doubt it’ll be getting much use.

5: Hold, volume and the magic headphones.
While the hold button is easily depressed in a pocket, it is actually hard to hold down properly. So, when receiving a call with headphones plugged in, guess when you have to hold down DURING THE WHOLE PHONE CALL. Yes, the hold button, the button designed supposedly to be hard to press. If you try and play a game, the phone simply asks if you want the music to stop or continue while using said game. Why can’t the call function do the same?. Oh, and while locked, the volume buttons still function, as as they’re very easy to press the volume changes with every step. Hurrah.

Dear Lord, it’s as if Samsung went out of their way to design the most infuriating piece of communication technology possible. There are always design issues with any product, but they all come together so perfectly in this phone there much have been an Intelligent Designer at work. Or at least a team of them who’d been told their department would close in 3 months without a severance bonus 😛

  1. themather says:

    is this a samsung by chance lol?