Posted: 9th December 2009 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews

Fringe continues to plod along nicely. If there’s a phrase to describe the show’s narrative progress it’s punctuated equilibrium. It lurches forward with arc heavy material for a few episodes, then does it’s best to imitate the best monster episodes of the X-Files. While these are enjoyable enough, Fringe has such a good story that it is irritating when one realises an episode will add nothing to the overall plot. More generally it’s suffering from a problem most US TV dramas have; the lull before the run-up to the season finale jump. However, if this tactic gets Fringe another season, the occasional “merely entertaining” episode can be tolerated.

The Clone Wars
If the grubby hands of Lucas are indeed all over this, he’s obviously had writing lessons for the creators of The Wire. Well not quite, but I am really enjoying the Clone Wars TV series. It’s surprisingly dark; We’ve had a Jedi tortured to death on screen and now the living dead. While the early episodes of season 1 were awful (Just like the film), the series is really finding it’s feet. Somehow – my money is on drugs – the writing staff have kept Lucas ruining it with the likes of Episode 3’s Chewbacca scene; Instead we’re seeing Anakin slowly creep to the dark side. Ya know, something that maybe should have occurred within the films!

Legend of the Seeker
This is a show that knows it’s audience, ans specifically knows they like to see large breasted, tight corseted, and leather-clad women ^^. Even without the aforementioned attributes it would be a great show. The budget seems to have increased for season 2 (and it shows) and they have given up or pretenses of following the books. This is a good thing. I love the books, but they were also the ponderous, self-congratulatory masturbation material of the author. Now given free reign and a ready-created world there has yet to be a dull episode. I’m always reminded how fantastic the casting was and is; character wise they got the Cara and Shota spot on. If pressed I don’t think I could name a fantasy TV show other than this that was actually any good. I can’t recommend this enough,

Stargate: Universe
Another good show, only being held back from greatness by it’s occasional lack of pace. SU’s greatest feature is definitely it’s serial nature; you’re never sure whether there will be the standard 40minutes getting into trouble / 10 minutes getting out dynamic of most TV shows or we’ll be left on a cliff hanger and this suites the slower nature of the plot. It does however occasionally stall completely; so far there have been too many “Oh how can we cope being so far away from home” episodes. Yes character and situation needs to be built, but the show succeeds at this when said emotions is but part of a wider narrative. I really hope we don’t have too see every semi-regular cast member say tearful goodbyes to the family back home. Still, I would say it’s the best sci-fi currently out there since Battlestar finished. Saying that, with SU’s premise of limited supplies, no way home and degrading ship; has BSG really finished 😉