Post Christmas frenzy

Posted: 30th December 2009 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews
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Well it’s been a fine Christmas break so far. I say break, but as I only work the most generous definition of “part time” it’s not like I’ve technically had a lot of time off. Anyway. Presents were good, food and alcohol flowed as if the Gods themselves were in attendance and as yet there have been no family squabbles or fatalities.

Present of the year clearly goes to my shiny shiny laser pointer / slide changer. Not only has it got inherent gadget appeal it will also be very useful when my class resumes in, eugh, 5 days time. Did I mention it’s really shiny and lasery (sp?). Wonderful.

That said, the “Must See” TV this Christmas has been a bit hit and miss.
Dr Who
I’ve never been a massive fan of the new Dr Who, but have always tuned into the “big events” (Specials and the like) and enjoyed them. Part one of this years however was massively disappointing. Either I was lapsing in and out of a sweet-induced diabetic coma or clearly didn’t pay sufficient attention, but the flow of the story made very little sense (something that seems to have swept the BBC script department like swine flu this year); So the Master comes back, then is stopped, but isn’t, now he is leaking, but has super powers, eats people, someone has a stargate/bio-bed. WHAT? Also, I imagine the return of the Time Lords will be a CGI, explosion and nudity laced epic as they clearly could only afford a council house and an abandoned coal mine set for this episode.

Day of the Triffids
I really liked the book; it’s another fine example of nihilistic British Sci-Fi, and as following the source material goes, this incarnation was fairly faithful in spirit. But as with Mr Who, it suffered from scripting insanity. I know people can often behave irrationally in disaster situations, more so when said situation is universal blindness multiplied by aggrieved carnivorous plants, but these people, Dear God. It’s as if they intentionally wanted to die. There was too much of this maddening, teeth grinding behaviour; From unnamed Triffid activist to “Handcuff” Coko, inexplicable actions were abound. As for Eddie Izzards character? Who was he again? Are the people of the south that dense that all one needs to have a command of “Shoot the children” pass without comment is a snappy suit? Torrence’s actions resembled a Greek God sneaking earth round just to fuck up the protagonists day. He was the guy hilariously emptying the suitcase as his roommate packs for a holiday. Having him on scream was a consistent stream of horror-genre “Lets split up” moments and I couldn’t forgive the production for this.

Saying that, episode two (IE the one with significantly less Torrence) was pretty good. I actually rather liked the Triffids themselves – although they still suffered from the usual annoyance of not behaving like organisms – the acting was pretty good; even the appearance of children didn’t grate and I never tire of seeing London burn. Maybe some of the more jarring plot developments (see above) would have been smoothed by an extra hour of program time? Overall it was enjoyable, but I wouldn’t purposely watch it again.

David Tennent was good, the modern dress was fine and it’s nice to see Captain Picard has found work outside of Starfleet. I don’t like Hamlet as a play though. The titular prince is such a whiny asshole, and if one assumes the Ghost is his own mind (I am reliably informed “the authority of the Ghost” is a hot debate amongst friendless Shakespeare scholars) then he is all the more so. Fine, this technically isn’t a reason to criticize the program, but they should have done Macbeth or Othello instead.

Looking forward to the New Year party 😀 I mean we only have 3 more left according to some, although by some I mean knuckle dragging morons who wandered into a bookshop in a pot induced daze and accidentally fell into the “Quackery” section