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Posted: 9th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews
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Well, a few thing of not much interest to anyone

… has been announced. Since Empire decided we should start seeing other people, Civ 4 has taken its place as my favourite of 4X game. It’s wonderful, and as such I welcome the arrival of Civ 5 with the enthusiasm of a Parisian virgin circa 1944. From the little information available on new features, most seem positive; empire-wide bonuses for special products, banishment of the “stacks of death” and resource-limited recruitment. The latter should be interesting as it has the potential to keep the usually dull endgame alive. I’m a little worried that each Leader has a unchangeable strategy: e.g. Napoleon will always be warlike. However,as long as they ensure peaceful doesn’t equate to “pussy” it should be fine*

New Horizon sucks
As I often do after teaching, I stayed at my parent’s house last night. While surfing Sky I came across one of my favourite Horizon episodes, the one concerning killer waves. Good show, interesting, and highlights that regardless of what some say, the BBC’s flagship science-show as lost weight around the former aspect and piled in on the latter. Small point but it needs saying. Also true of most modern wildlife documentaries: Lots of animals doing things in HD slow motion, not a lot of facts.

Schrodinger’s letter
The conclusion above (Ocean waves obey some Schrodinger equation) leads nicely into this. Having been informed on Thursday I had a letter from Oxford University. Before opening it the letter existed in two states: “Here’s all the money you need” and “Go fuck yourself”. As long as it wasn’t open it could be either :D. Sadly I opened it last night and the wave collapsed into the latter, I then took it’s advice as an act of consolation…

Wavering support for the Lib Dems
Mainly due to their support for Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill; an innocuous sounding piece of legislation that will give the government the power to monitor (without warrant) all electronic data. What makes this truly horrific is that Lib Dem peers are adding amendments to make it worse, including banning all web-lockers and the ability to suspend sites (such as youTube) for alleged copyright infringement. See here for further details. Waiting to here the official Lib Dem line on the subject.

Eugh, I hope I agree with the official line. If not, do I smear my ballot with fecal matter or cross out a candidate name and write “Cthulhu”?

*I say this as EVERY 4X makes this mistake. Usually the only way to stop the “warrior” race steamrolling the board is to hunt them down with Borg-like ruthlessness or play as them. Even the sublime Galactic Civilization makes this error. A peaceful race should be Federationy (adj, resembling the Federation): Non-aggressive but still armed to the teeth. Or at least morally against the use of nerve gas.

  1. katsukawaii says:

    In his house at Ry’leh dead Cthulu lies dreaming…
    So having that tattooed!

  2. worm75 says:

    That bill already went through as of January this year the government can monitor and request full transcripts of all web logs, phone calls, texts, e-mails, everything and you don’t need a warrent just a polite letter from a police chief.