Wastes of time and money

Posted: 16th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews
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I’ve tried, I really have, but I just can’t get into it. It’s not the music as I’m somewhat of a closet fan of musicals (and they usually make the bland pop crap they cover sound much better), but the plot lines. Maybe it’s the paranoid cuckold fear all males secretly have, or more specifically my person fear of an ‘unplanned’ birth, but for me discomfort exists where gripping should be.

Mass Effect DLC
Probably won’t be buying it, for reasons see my preview review of the game. Separately, I’m starting to worry how DLC will effect game producers, and by effect I mean make them even more lazy than now. Ever since most people got the internet Permanent Beta seems to have been the industry’s mantra, and now most people have fast internet this has been replaced by simply we’ll put it in later. Empire was a great example of this; a terrible unit roster that was ‘updated’ 4 or 5 times with DLC troop contents, all at small cost. Good old “Sunk Cost” psychology; you’ve already paid $30 for a game, what’s another $1.50 for content that should have been in the initial release

Fallout 3
Today I decided to continue the quest of my second character; hard-drinking, stealthy and an utter bastard. So far he’s made about 8,000 caps from enslaving half the wastelands. It’s fun getting back into it although slightly muted by it being a second go and thus everything is less ‘new’. Having previously became used to the corridor-shooter action of the above title, it’s nice to get back to free roaming.

This season has been fantastic so far. However like Battlestar Galactica, I’m not sure they ending could ever live up to the series.

Napoleon: Total War
Hmmm. By all accounts this is one of the best TW games. I’m still not buying the sodding thing on principle. Shame really. But having to wait a year to play Empire properly was just too much! Here’s hoping an early 2011 Medieval 3 reslease is part of CA’s master plan.