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Posted: 8th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Politics
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Well. The digital economy bill has all but passed. I have commented previously that statements about the lack of democracy of this country are usually hyperbolic nonsense, but this case is truly horrific.

A Labour government, likely to loose power very soon, just forced through a bill developed at the behest of a few large companies; who’s own PR department suggested in a leaked memo that “the bill will likely die if MPs insist on their right and responsibility to examine this legislation in detail before voting on it”, and championed by that unelected, corrupt, repeatedly disgraced powerbroker Peter Mandelson.


Seen here attending a business lunch

… and nobody has said a word. Nothing. Yes there are a number of articles in the main-stream press, but these are buried in the specialty sections. I’ve had News24 on in the background all day either side of Star Trek and not a single mention has been made of it: Tiger Woods plays golf is newsworthy, the burying of draconian electronic monitoring legislation in wash-up apparently is not. Imagine the outrage if it was a Tory government and they were placating a traditional industry; mining, oil, shipping and the like. I’m pretty sure the vitriol from the opposition would have roused Marx himself from the grave. But no, it’s the “creative” industry and Labour are the party of the working man, they would never cosy up to business the way a Tory government would… say by exempting a large donor from advertising rules…

I’ve been on the trail of this little gem for around 6months, and have the responses from my local MP and the party leader to prove it. Yet it was only in February that it came to popular attention at all. To go on a slight tangent, this reveals the true threat to democracy posed by media hysteria; the expenses scandals, strikes and celebrity love-lives have spent the outrage quota of most of the populous, and the various wars and abuses have depleated the righteous indignation of those who usually care for the more serious issues (Where have Liberty been in all this? They usually appear everytime a rapists demands access to a butt-plug…). All this left none for the dull future-planning-committee-like Digital Economy Bill.

If Expenses was the high tech super-paedophile using facebook and lasers to lure his prey, this bill was the everyday familial violence that ruins thousands of lives each year; boring, unsexy, unworthy of notice yet far more serious.

You have to applaud Mandelson (And I suppose others too, but I believe it is safe to assume anyone else involved was merely under the Dark Lords demonic thrall) for maneuvering this bill under the radar. With the election declared and the leaders arguing over an NI figure equal to the size of the accepted margin of error when calculating GDP no one has time for a bill that superficially only targets computer-based thieving and otherwise consists of EM-bandwidth allocation and domain-name practices.

If any of this aggrieves you, this should give you an indication for whom your vote should be cast come May 6th


At least Mandelson rode home a happy man

    • goldendalek says:

      haha some pretty heavy imagery there man. I am worried about how this all might affect wikileaks!

      Our mutual friend Chris ‘the pirate’ Racey was not best pleased about the DRM bill. I believe he even coughed up some cash (£10) to help people fight it.