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Posted: 10th April 2010 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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Having trawled through a number of news sites, forum and facebook for topics relating to the Digital Economy Bill a worrying trend has become apparent: Namely the calls to either not vote or spoil ballot papers in response to this essentially evil legislation


(The DEB in it’s true form) 

Please do not do this. As someone who has invigilated on election nights I will tell you no one will take a blind bit of notice, it’s nothing more than writing “if you see this you’re a cock” on the back of a bus seat; a puerile act only amusing to those who concocted it.

Remember the company you keep
– People who write ‘BNP’ or ‘Hitler’
– People who draw smiley-faced penises
– People who write ‘me’
– Crazies who, no doubt much to the worry of polling staff, must have spent 10minutes in the booth scratching out their 1,000 word manifesto in tiny writing.

They all go in the bin unread and unappreciated. In fact your lazy valiant protest would like garner significantly less attention than the a fore mentioned grinning phallus should said phallus be particularly well illustrated. Something to mull over while plotting your electoral coup d’etat.

As for not voting, vote for the Lib Dems if your only motive is to rebel against recent events! Even if the seat is a ‘safe’ Labour one. Every vote cast against the eventual winner adds more weight behind the campaign for real voting reform: By simply ‘letting’ the strongest local party win you’re tacitly giving the eventual government your support.