Election comment #2

Posted: 14th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Politics
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Well all the manifestos have been launched (Well all the ones that matter anyway). And I suppose the Liberal Democrats just about win

Liberal Democrats
+ points or at least points unique to them
Civil Liberties: I’m only for a police state when the chance of me becoming the unquestioned King nay God of said police state is high. As it’s not and as a smug wannabe intellectual I will likely be first against the wall during any peasant revolt, Freedom is good (for now…). No ID cards, removal of innocent people from the DNA register, and stopping knee-jerk criminal offenses. All good. And of course the repeal or blunting of the DEA – it’s an act now remember

Universities: Scrapping the 50% target. Firstly because 50% of school-leavers don’t deserve to attend university, secondly because there are not enough graduate jobs for 50% of all young people to have degrees, thirdly because the funding isn’t available for 50% of young people while at the time maintaining standards, and finally because it’s an attempt to overturn the New Labour myth that universities can be seen as day-care for young adults


“If you don’t sign the register you can’t get your sociology degree” 

Europe: The only party truly for a strong commitment to Europe, and despite my Tory leanings I am at heart a Euro Federalists. It’s about time the Luddite masses of this country realised the reason Europe seems not to like us is we’re the cheating boyfriend of the EU; turning up for the occasional quickie and to drink all the milk. We’re one of the richest (and most heavily armed) countries in this little menagerie of former historical enemies and we have a LOT of say in what goes on. It’s just we seem so damned uncommitted others don’t like agreeing with us.

Negative points
No nuclear power: All very well and good, and I’m sure if we made the long-term unemployed sell all their electrical goods we wouldn’t need the extra power…


“At least we won’t have another Chernobyl” 

Defense – No Trident and no new fighters, ships etc: I won’t go over this again, but it’s all very well closing ones eyes and wishing really hard that there will never again be any large scale wars, but doing this does not make it so (This is the Wizards First Rule I believe)

Attitude to education: This isn’t confined to the Lib Dems, all the parties have this issue. It’s nice saying “It’s appalling that a child’s success is more down to it’s parents bank balance” and thus demand schools become hatcheries not dissimilar to Brave New World, but it makes an inference from correlations that do not hold true. I can say with confidence that it’s not parental earnings that effect their child’s education, but it is parental class. There’s no reason why (As I have said on previous occasions) those working in call-center as opposed to a Laboratory cannot read with their children or ensure homework is finished for instance. Much like last nights Panorama, the fact the modern lower class seem incapable of raising their children is the issue, not that the better- raised, educated, type of person, off financially can.

As for the rest? I dunno, I don’t knowenough about business or finance to say whether the proposed cuts/rises/give-aways are solid gold or snake oil. It is a risk by the Lib Dems though to say straight that taxes will likely rise. I mean… *snigger* they are… seriously, trusting the reasonableness and maturity of the British people… They’re kidding right, it’s a bit late for April Fools guys


They’re serious…