The noise generated from Plaid Cymru and the SNP has officially gone from a ‘rain against the window’ to a ‘couple fucking next door’ level of nuisance. I don’t quite know how their responses to the national TV debates have been formed, but they certainly have the wiff of the ale house about them. A “Ya know what Ted, they shouldn’t treat you like that, don’t give you any respect” followed by cheers from those gathered; the type of clarity that only comes from a few hours drinking and usually ends with a urine-based act of defiance against the property of the one who wronged you.



That’s for never asking about my holiday Boss 

Anyway, to business
“Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price said the debate had been “undemocratic” – as the Welsh and Scottish nationalist parties had been excluded

So children, lets examine the evidence shall we.

Population of Scoland – 5 million
Population of Wales – 3 million
Population of North West – 7 million
Population of Greater London – 8 million

In the 2005 general election the Lib Dems received 26% of the popular vote by 27 million people; meaning they received about 6 million votes. So if nothing else, every man, woman, illegal immigrant and child in Scotland and Wales would have to vote for their respective parochial rabble-rousers to beat the electoral share of the smallest party present in the national debates.

Indeed, if we examine the breakdown the SNP just about scored double the BNP vote tally, and the latter more than Plaid Cymru. And something tells me no one would be pleased to see that bunch of uneducated thugs basking in the reflected legitimacy of a leader’s debate. Purely based on statistics, to suggest either of the nationalist parties should be involved in these televised popularity contests is absurd.


The parade committee were thrilled the entire population of Wales came to watch 

And lets not forget they are nationalist parties. While there’s nothing wrong with this as such (except to label Wales a nation is to do disservice to the word… ahem), these debates are for the government of the United Kingdom. They don’t represent, or even claim to represent, the United Kingdom, only a clearly defined, demographically minuscule, geographical part of it. Therefore have no place in such a national forum. Hell, technically a Peoples Republic of London party would represent more people.

Finally, what exactly would they say apart from “What about Scotland / Wales”, “Do what you want, our Parliament will…”. They are basically independents barking about the value of their constituencies (in fact Plaid barely polled more than the independents combined), who would simply get on stage and talk about the problems of Stow-on-the-wold whenever opportunity allowed.