If there’s one erroneous phase that has echoed down the ages its “OK I’ll come, but will only have the one pint/tankard/amphora”.

If there’s another it “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The enemy of your enemy is never your friend! That why the phrase isn’t “My friend and I share an enemy”. It is tryst of convenience and nothing more that always, ALWAYS, ends badly.


Fighting America’s Enemies since 1980

Why do I say this? Well because in essence voting tactically is no different. By voting to ‘keep the other lot out’ you’re doing nothing more than electorally bankrupting yourself to help out some unruly and ungrateful colonists. Labour’s massive majorities over the last few elections have in no doubt partly been down to this: I mean you don’t want the Tory’s in do you? They’d sell peerages for donations, do dodgy deals with housing loans, cosy up to the banking and finance sector…

Worse it gives a false impression of a “mandate”; that grossly over used word suggesting a person now has a divine right to rule. Because of course there’s no way of indicating the choice was akin to death-by-bullet or death-by-mow-mow, so any win will simply be taken as such. The sight of that gurning buffoon Blair declaring his 33% of the popular vote to be an anointment of his malevolent leadership still haunts me today.

This election is indeed the time to reject tactical voting; for the first time PR seems to be an issue of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ and should, heaven forbid, the Tory’s grab a small majority government every vote against will exert extra pressure of them for electoral reform. While I’m unsure of the maths involve, I believe they could hold power with as little as 25% of the popular vote, yet if people chose to vote Tory against Labour (or vice versa) this could be obscured.

Now British politics has become a genuine 3-horse race, it’s time to look beyond the fear mongering of what the other lot would do, to no longer kid yourself the enemy of your enemy is indeed your friend. Vote for the party you believe in, and even if they don’t win it’s better than throwing your support behind the lesser of two evils.