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Posted: 25th May 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, News of the day, Politics
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Well, still alive.

Part of the reason for my recent silence has been my commencement of gainful employment, however another (only slightly) smaller part may be that my utter contempt for the human race has nectrotised into tearful resignation. Some sort of planetary Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?


I give up, I’ll join you. When’s X-factor on?  

One reason for this, as anyone following my facebook status update is probably aware, is the internet reaction to the Tory/Lib government. On this issue, I’ve probably flogged my own horse so much it’s mostly dirt and bone by now, but it’s still worth a mention as judging by facebook and the Times/Guardian/BBC comment sections, some of you are obviously not paying attention.

Case in point, the recent spending announcements; the quick one knocked out before the main event later this year, has sparked the nonsense I expected. Please, this is akin to suggesting the ambulance crew who got blood all over your nice clean carpet are at fault, rather than the knife-wielding cretin who caused it to gush forth from your husband. Had the budget, and the economic situation, resembled George Bush Jnr’s election giveaway you would be correct in your talk of “typical Torys”. Alas it doesn’t and you are not.

It’s early days yet and I’m sure there will be much to criticize this new government about. But give the poor guys a chance. They’re trying to provide for a population filled with a smug aura of entitlement with the leftover sofa-change found after a robbery.


Also, look at these fireman ruining my house!

Another reason for my general ennui is the BA strike. Actually, I hope BA goes bankrupt, has it’s assets stripped and Heathrow turned into a dog track. Why? Because then I’d get to see pictures of the exact moment reality hits the striking cabin crews; The reality that they followed the same sort of union zealot that helped bring Britain to it’s knees in the 1970 out of well paid, well pensioned, pampered employment. As a columnist pointed out yesterday, at BA the people serving drinks on the plane only earn a little less than the engineers keeping the damn things flying.


It’s tough being a BA steward 

Yes, the management have increased their pay significantly in the face of continued losses, meaning the moral high ground is more a slight rise people continually trip over. However this doesn’t change the fact the strike leaders are on record as trying to drive customers away from BA, harming the long-term business prospects of a relatively benevolent employer while campaigning against any reduction in earnings.

Just imagining the look of horror when, following the hypothetical foreclosure, the cabin crews apply for positions with the other business carriers and see the pay and conditions, is the sorta image that stops me from trying to end the world by further stoking tensions between the various Koreas… Who’d have though a well-placed propeller paperweight could cause so much trouble…

  1. worm75 says:

    wasn’t this the reason the mail strike broke cause the unions realised they were destroying the business and fucking people over down the line to an epic degree

  2. richandme says:

    I hate the newsreporting of economics too. It’s hardly constructively critical. Then again, the fact that our financial problems were large initiated in America and so much of our media is American-owned… the former doesn’t get reported. This contributes to my cynicism.