Are EU kidding me (Part 1): Final pre-vote plea

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You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

So, as I write this, the UK is now just under two week into the it’s collective madness. In case you missed it, “we” voted to leave the EU with the overwhelming mandate of a 3% difference in votes cast.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been arguing in person and online with people, and if only for personal catharsis I’m putting some of the larger pieces here, as a sort of ark for future internet archaeologists. Not that they did any good.And not that I have any online presence that means they would. But we all dream of going viral…

I was actually quite pleased with the piece below, unlike most things I write on the internet, it was actually shared by friends and strangers.

Date: 22nd June, 2016

Some of you will vote ‘leave’ tomorrow and have just kept quiet about it. That’s fine, it’s up to you.

But please, remember this vote will affect you, your children and your grandchildren, and more importantly mine! This is not something we can ‘vote out’ in a few years’ time. It’s permanent.

At this point you’ve heard the facts. You’re probably sick of facts and won’t be convinced to vote Remain by any more. So if you want to vote for ‘leave’, please don’t so much fact-check, as reality check: look carefully at the two sides:


By voting Leave, you are going against the opinion of almost all Britain’s, if not the world’s, scientists, legal experts, business leaders, economists, and most of our politicians. This is not a conspiratorial blob; it is a group disparate individuals and organization across all professional and academic disciplines, often with opposing ideological views, but all agreeing that the UK is stronger in the EU.

You are ignoring the problems countries, such as Norway, have in terms of legislation and sovereignty: i.e. obeying the rules without a chance to set them.

You are going against the opinion of all our friends, partners and allies around the world from the USA to India to Japan. You are even ignored the Chinese government when they say the UK’s world standing will be diminished outside the EU.


But, by voting Leave, you are listening to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

You are listening to the campaigners promising a great economic future, yet the sectors that they claim will benefit most from Brexit don’t agree. Think about that. They claim business will boom; business does not agree.

You are listening to the call to stick two fingers up to the pampered elites… by listening to the rallying cry of the millionaires Borris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch. The latter being on record as saying he hates the EU because they don’t listen to *him*. I’ve heard many Leave voters say “experts” have vested interests in the EU, what do the Brexit-er’s have?

And yes, while I am not implying anything about you personally, it has to be said you are listening to, or at least on the side of, a section of society that believes ‘foreigners’ are the cause of all our ills.


Indeed, as a friend of mine pointed out, on social media “out” videos tend to be by bloggers, “in” videos by professors of economics or law; while Remain have a cornucopia of prominent supporters for TV and radio interviews, Brexit have the same two or three. At some point, the asymmetry in experts and arguments must suggest ‘both sides have their points’ is simply not a credible idea.


But, more importantly, consider this.

On the 24th, it will almost be business as usual. This is no glorious revolution; there will be no change to UK domestic politics once the hang-over has worn off. So, do you trust that the Government, based on their behaviour in the last 6 years, will do the following:

1) Spend the money we now pay into the EU on public services, or use it for austerity and tax cuts for the mega-rich?

2) Spend the money that would come back through EU regional development funds in the same regions, or to focus all cash on London and/or areas they want win in 2020. i.e. business as usual?

3) Protect the hard-won workers’ rights, which will legally have to be rewritten in some form because most legislation for the past 30+years is connected to the EU, from the ever more rapacious demands of the mega-rich?

4) Negotiate deals with other countries, and especially the USA, that will benefit the citizens of the UK, rather than ones that will support their personal neo-liberal ideology?


Put it simply, Brexit have promised leaving the EU will somehow cure our problems with housing, with schools, with wages and with the NHS. Has this government, and have the Tories inside Brexit especially, done or said anything in the last decade to make you think that solving these problems is on their agenda? Because they haven’t and they aren’t.

If you are voting ‘No’ based on any of these issues, you will not get what you want.


In the last 20years or so we’ve fetishized the idea of ‘going it alone’, but you’re not curating a gap-year Tumblr account or saving your kidnap-prone daughter. It’s a romantic idea, and I know voting for what ‘feels right’ rather than ‘what makes logical sense’ has an appeal. But you’re not ordering an extra slice of cake. No, you’re voting in the most crucial and permanent vote we’ll probably ever take part in.

Only vote ‘Leave’ if you can honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say you have seriously considered all the evidence available, both fact-checked and reality-checked it, and can firmly say to have come to a logical conclusion.


Date: 10th July

Well, it looks like we know which side people believed….

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