Are EU kidding me (Part 2): post-vote thoughts

Posted: 10th July 2016 by Get No Happy in Uncategorized

So, like many people around the world, I woke up on the 24th June with more than a little dismay. The thing that no one, and it seems this includes the majority of the brexit leadership and a good minority of leave voters, believed would happen happened. The UK, or more specifically England, or more specifically the older and poorly educated of England, voted to leave the EU.

My initial response

Date: 24th June, 2016

Time: 9.39am

“Let’s be clear, this was not a victory for democracy, it was its death knell. It was a victory for emotion over reason, for “one simple trick” snake oil over the “boring” complexity of life, for the charlatan over the expert, for conspiracy over reality, for fantasy over fact. I’m not just angry at the UK, I’m embarrassed for us.”

“And yes, I would have said the same thing had we voted to remain, only with “this was *almost* a…”

Date 25th June, 2016

Time: 3.13am

“I’m pretty drunk now so will be far more blunt: leave voters; you bunch of ignorant, short-sighted, weak-minded, childish, xenophobic assholes. Yes, the last adjective too, because the Leave campaign didn’t win on fiscal sense or sound legal advice did it? If the 19th century campaigners for universal suffrage could see this, they’d have told everyone to go back to their fucking turnips and to stop complaining. Do you realize what you’ve done to yourselves? I wish I was rich, because only by being safe from the mess you’ve condemned us all to could I truly enjoy the looks on your faces when, over the coming years, you realize you’ve been tricked by the worlds most expensive and blindingly fucking obvious shell game. If a well-informed populous is the best defense against tyranny, then roll on King Borris, blond of hair and first of his name. I’m disgusted with the lot of you, and ashamed to call you my countrymen


I was trying to be nice in the initial post, but the second is more accurate. Nothing about this campaign makes me hopeful about the future of democracy. Even if you ignore the xenophobic aspect, the fact remains that nothing the Leave side said was true (see the next post). But we can’t ignore the xenophobia aspect can we? The entire Leave campaign was run on the fear of EU citizens; they are taking your jobs, they are the reason schools are full, they are the reason you can’t buy a house, they are the reason hospital waiting times are up. Not 6 years of destructive ideology-not-economics driven austerity, not decades of asymmetric deals with private companies for hospitals (PFI) and schools (academies), not a refusal to reign in predatory landlords or build more affordable housing, but them people.

Congratulations assholes.