Since the vote, there have been two responses from people who voted Leave: shut up and get over it (see above post) and “every side was the same”. And I’m sorry, but I am not letting the second point stand. It’s a embarrassed attempt to revise history now they know what an awful decision they made.

Date: 28th June, 2016

[in response to just such a “both sides were the same” post in a forum]. Just to be picky, no, both sides were not dishonest. The leavers made up numbers, told lie after lie about the EU, have already backed down from almost every pledge they made, and whipped up a storm of xenophobia. The remain side made dire predictions about our economy. Everything they, or we should I say, said about what a post exit agreement with the EU would be politically looks like it’s coming true, the warnings about capital and manufacturing flight seem to be coming true, the economic freeze in things like contracts and hiring is happening. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let the Leave voters declare ignorance or that “both sides were the same”, they were not.

You refer to David Cameron suggesting “World War 3” would follow Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. This is both hilarious and ironic in the current context as David Cameron, as you can see here, did not say that. Ignore the headline and read the text of the speech. What he said was Britain will always be effected by what happens on the continent, that history tells how often war has erupted and has dragged us in. That the EU has very successfully taken a continent of opponents and over the years produced a continent of cooperators if not friends. I said hilarious and ironic as it was Borris who claimed the PM was predicting World War 3.

Date: 10th July (‘today’)

Even if this post sits lonely and read til the end of the internet, I want it written down somewhere that BOTH SIDES WERE NOT THE SAME.

If you voted Leave it may be a nice way to make yourself feel better, but it was not true. As I said in a previous post, look at the list of people you CHOSE not to listen to, and just bloody live with it. Much like a German dinner table when ‘what Grandad did during the war’ comes up, when you’re children ask why the UK isn’t in the EU, why Scotland became independent and why the Northern Ireland conflict started up again, just sit in awkward silence waiting for the potatoes to be brought out.

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