So, the last of my narcissistic archiving of internet conversations and posts. Short and to the point.

Date: 4th July

“So, with the architects of Brexit distancing themselves from their promises and admitting they had no clue what to do if they won, the retractions by many media supporters of Brexit, the loss of credit rating and emergency measures by the bank of England, the freezes on investment and hiring, the ‘shocking’ revelation we couldn’t have the benefits of the EU without baring some or the costs, the very worst of the Tory party crawling forth to claim the poison challenge of PM, the likely deposition of the most anti-establishment party leader in a good long time, and the worrying free pass the vote seems to have given to racists…

I have to ask Leave voters, given most of the above should not have come as a surprise, was it really worth shitting your pants to protest the lack of toilet paper?”