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You Only Vote Twice

Posted: 2nd May 2011 by Get No Happy in Politics

We’re fast approaching the AV referendum and indications are that, much like the Balrog, it will not pass. This is a real shame but unsurprising given the amount of vitriol the NO campaign especially has poured into the debate. Now I won’t bore you with the reasons you should be voting yes (instead I can […]

In defense of Nick Clegg

Posted: 17th January 2011 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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Having managed to convince the population that New Labour hadn’t in fact been in charge for 13 years, and hadn’t overspent massively on every part of the country they didn’t sell off, Ed Miliband has claimed the victory in Oldham (Which Labour initially won by trying to incite a race war) was a strong message […]

Something something

Posted: 25th May 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, News of the day, Politics
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Well, still alive. Part of the reason for my recent silence has been my commencement of gainful employment, however another (only slightly) smaller part may be that my utter contempt for the human race has nectrotised into tearful resignation. Some sort of planetary Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?   I give up, I’ll join you. When’s X-factor […]

If there’s one erroneous phase that has echoed down the ages its “OK I’ll come, but will only have the one pint/tankard/amphora”. If there’s another it “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The enemy of your enemy is never your friend! That why the phrase isn’t “My friend and I share an enemy”. […]

The noise generated from Plaid Cymru and the SNP has officially gone from a ‘rain against the window’ to a ‘couple fucking next door’ level of nuisance. I don’t quite know how their responses to the national TV debates have been formed, but they certainly have the wiff of the ale house about them. A […]

Master debates

Posted: 16th April 2010 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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I for one really enjoyed the leaders debates last night, for all the talk of stage-managed boredom it was actually a rather gripping political display. Found myself quite taken with the whole thing and I am actually looking forward to next weeks. Hopefully there will be some deeper questions on Europe and the welfare system. […]

Election comment #2

Posted: 14th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Politics
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Well all the manifestos have been launched (Well all the ones that matter anyway). And I suppose the Liberal Democrats just about win Liberal Democrats + points or at least points unique to them Civil Liberties: I’m only for a police state when the chance of me becoming the unquestioned King nay God of said […]

post scriptum

Posted: 10th April 2010 by Get No Happy in News of the day, Politics
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Having trawled through a number of news sites, forum and facebook for topics relating to the Digital Economy Bill a worrying trend has become apparent: Namely the calls to either not vote or spoil ballot papers in response to this essentially evil legislation   (The DEB in it’s true form)  Please do not do this. […]

Pirates of the world wide web

Posted: 8th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Politics
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Well. The digital economy bill has all but passed. I have commented previously that statements about the lack of democracy of this country are usually hyperbolic nonsense, but this case is truly horrific. A Labour government, likely to loose power very soon, just forced through a bill developed at the behest of a few large […]


Posted: 24th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous
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Upon returning from a trip to see “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Which I recommend most heartily), my Brother and I stopped in a local bar. There I had the most brilliant idea. Perhaps one of the greatest brain waves ever to be had in The Footage (Which granted says not a lot): Public Scholars! […]