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Recently the BBC finished broadcasting the last of documentary maker Adam Curtis’ latest series “All watched over by machines of loving grace”. I’m usually a fan of Mr Curtis, his shows are often interesting and insightful, and highlight the contradictions in social themes and movements that have taken over the western world in the last […]

Well that 2010 done. It’s been a fairly good year all things considered; take last years resolutions as evidence. Get a PhD, even if I have to do the sort of things that would make a Liverpudlian whore blush: Task complete And thankfully without gaining the glazed, dead-eyed stare of a sink-estate teenage girl in […]

Britain’s Really Disgusting Blog

Posted: 21st September 2010 by Get No Happy in Angry Rants, Reviews

A little late granted, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the recent program Britain’s Really Disgusting Drinks the second installment in Alex Riley’s attempt to be the British Michael Moore; by which I mean a smug, self-righteous and patronising arse. Not that the show didn’t have it’s moments (more on them later) but […]

It’s been a long road…

Posted: 7th April 2010 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews
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Having had the ‘pleasure’ of being unemployed for around 5 months now, the one highlight of my day has been Virgin 1’s Star Trek afternoons. Thanks to this I’ve been able to watch TNG, DS9 and Voyager from their beginnings and in doing so reignited my disappointment with Enterprise. It was awful, just awful. And […]

Birth of the Twelve Colonies

Posted: 29th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews
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Caprica Having finally gotten around to watching Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica written by Ronald D. Moore, and by gotten round I mean “watch all of it in a 9 hour binge”, I have to say I was fairly impressed with what I saw. Firstly it is visually stunning. I’m not sure how one […]

Wastes of time and money

Posted: 16th March 2010 by Get No Happy in Reviews
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Glee I’ve tried, I really have, but I just can’t get into it. It’s not the music as I’m somewhat of a closet fan of musicals (and they usually make the bland pop crap they cover sound much better), but the plot lines. Maybe it’s the paranoid cuckold fear all males secretly have, or more […]

Post Christmas frenzy

Posted: 30th December 2009 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews
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Well it’s been a fine Christmas break so far. I say break, but as I only work the most generous definition of “part time” it’s not like I’ve technically had a lot of time off. Anyway. Presents were good, food and alcohol flowed as if the Gods themselves were in attendance and as yet there […]


Posted: 9th December 2009 by Get No Happy in Miscellaneous, Reviews

Fringe Fringe continues to plod along nicely. If there’s a phrase to describe the show’s narrative progress it’s punctuated equilibrium. It lurches forward with arc heavy material for a few episodes, then does it’s best to imitate the best monster episodes of the X-Files. While these are enjoyable enough, Fringe has such a good story […]